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Core Skills for Project Management

Are your teams managing several projects simultaneously? Would they benefit from training and support to ensure they are best equipped to take on new challenges and unanticipated changes?

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Best Practice, Best Fit

It is integral to ensure your teams have the best skills to support them daily, whether that's productivity, communicating with their peers or leading a team, and being prepared to take on unexpected challenges. 

Core skills, also known as Soft Skills are at the heart of the workplace, especially within project management, underpinning working practices including communication, leadership, time management, presentation skills and performance management. 

"Excellent training session with good structure and a relaxed training technique. I would recommend to other organisations, the course trainer was very open to questions and happy to help with any queries."

Leadership Skills

A great leader is one who helps a team move in the right direction by providing planning and understanding the tasks and activities in hand to complete a project/programme or change initiative.

Time Management Skills

it is important to understand how to divide time between specific activities and priorities. Good time management helps reduce stress and allows the team to focus on achieve goals and tasks faster without distractions, helping you to maximise the teams’ strengths and help plan effectively.

Performance Management Skills

Regular conversations and feedback help people within your team to understand the whole purpose of the job and the tasks they are completing. It helps them know why the work they are doing matters and how it helps the organisation move forward.

Communication Skills 

Looking at the whole communication process and the skills you would use within the workplace, we will look at how to improve and adapt these. Looking at what can hinder the process of communication by identifying what barriers are there and how you can overcome these. 

Presentation Skills 

No matter the size of the audience or whether the focus is on a specific project, change programme or wider business strategy, an effective presentation is essential for business success. It isn't just about communicating your plan it's about doing it in such a way as to engage and motivate your audience.

How do I know which courses we need?

Our complimentary Knowledge Assessment is led by our in-house certified training team, who will guide your team through a series of questions and activities so they can best understand the business requirements for training and support. The session will allow us to understand the needs, experience and competency levels with project management platforms and software, meaning you can enrol your team on the best course that suits them for maximum impact and ROI. 

We recognise this is not a one-size-fits-all approach and we tailor these courses to meet your needs and requirements which goes above and beyond other courses on the market. In addition, we consider the different skill and experience levels of your staff in our courses to ensure they receive the most valuable training for them.

Why PPS?

PPS work with you to enhance the skills you may need by using several learning initiatives, including a dedicated learning and development professional to develop the skills and knowledge of the existing teams you already have. This can be assessed and delivered in varying methods to meet all styles. 

Our work doesn't stop once the training session finishes either, with our ongoing mentoring programme your staff will have the continued support they need to implement their learnings into their work.

Working with organisations like yours

"We wouldn't be where we are now without the support and work from PPS. They provided the expertise that we didn't have before, to get things done quickly."

"Rob spent time getting to understand our requirements and tailored the training appropriately. More support was given to topics when needed and the training materials were comprehensive."

“The PPS team was super helpful and kind, working with us on the budget that we had to find a solution and we could not have come up with that solution on our own”

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Our Other Services


Ongoing Support

Day-to-day support for users within your organisation for your solution.


Knowledge Assessment

Understanding the needs, experience and competency levels of your staff.



Courses and workshops to educate and elevate staff on your chosen solution.

What Our Clients Say


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"Excellent training session with good structure and a relaxed training technique. I would recommend to other organisations, the course trainer was very open to questions and happy to help with any queries."

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