Management Information (MI) typically is needed for most users involved in the management of work i.e. from the work manager coordinating a small set of tasks or the project manager managing one or more projects right through to senior management needing to direct all programmes of work, costs, resources, risks, issues and strategic benefits.

Management information (MI) is what is needed for businesses to operate and thrive. MI clearly presents the issues of the day that need attention and intervention whilst also showing the current risks so you can do everything possible to potential impact on the business. To achieve this, you need good quality information and for it to be available in real-time. Gone are the days when people needed to spend days per week chasing for information via multiple sources when it should simply be available by default.

You should be able to know which projects you are undertaking, which customers you are working with and the entire picture of your resource capacity across your teams and our ongoing budgets and

cost-related information.


PPS can help your organisation achieve streamlined management information reporting through the use of effective tools robust reporting governance and learning coaching for the people who need to undertake the appropriate activities at every level.

Some examples are shown here of the output reports that are available in real-time for managers to gain insight and take timely action as appropriate every day.

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