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Optimising Your Sheets Smartsheet Training

Teaching you how to take your Smartsheets to the next stage, getting Smartsheet to work more efficiently and effectively to save you time and get more accurate results.


Now that you have some experience of using Smartsheet this session will help you take your Smartsheets to the next stage. From collecting data using forms and presenting it in a report to your colleagues and superiors.


You will also learn how to save time chasing for information on your projects by designing workflows so that Smartsheet will do that for you. It is also about having multiple sheets, linking the relevant information from them and how this can work using best practice principles. Using our in-house experts, we can help you optimse your existing sheets.


Duration: 3.5 hours approx. 
Delivered virtually or face-to-face

Assisting you to optimise your sheets by evaluating the data you are collating and how you are obtaining it. Helping you to track and view activity in your sheets as well as create custom sort and filter views. This course will start to touch on Project Management settings and how your data is displayed. You will also learn how to automate workflows using alerts and automated actions, making actions using the Notification Centre. Finally, we will review best practices for when to use cell linking and reporting to surface data across multiple sheets to answer key business questions.

The session will be delivered with interactive activities, demonstrations, and discussions to understand the best use of Smartsheet for your business. This will enable a collaborative approach in the support PPS can give to you during this session. We will make sure we are able to help you with true business change projects and implementation/business plans.

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