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Resource Management by Smartsheet has a simple yet powerful design making it easy to build the best team for the job, keep project schedules and budgets on track, and confidently forecast business needs with real-time reporting. 


Resource Management by Smartsheet (formerly 10,000ft) is a resource and project portfolio planning solution that allows you to see and act on critical data about your team’s capacity across your organization’s entire portfolio of work.


The simple and powerful design makes it easy to build the best team for the job, keep project schedules and budgets on track, and confidently forecast business needs with real-time reporting. With Smartsheet and Resource Management by Smartsheet organisations can stay focused on the big picture while also executing all the moving parts of every project to stay on track and achieve more.

Resource Management gives you the ability to adjust schedules and allocate people to different projects. Tracking the progress of you and your team's work so you can see how you’re progressing in terms of time, money, and work progress.


Access your team's availability and resourcing plan, directly from your Smartsheet project sheet to manage the full lifecycle of your projects. See who's been assigned, request the right people for the job, and get a real-time preview of the impact of changes as you move through the project allowing you to make educated changes and updates along the way.


An interactive schedule with a drag + drop user-interface that features visual controls and require minimal data entry, making it easy to dynamically resource and forecast in real-time.


Have full visibility of who is in or out of the office, what they're working on, who has availability and who is overloaded. Giving you the understanding and knowledge to better plan your projects, the timelines and the budget needed.


Understanding the Full Picture

Resource Management by Smartsheet

Without offices or face to face meetings, it is challenging to truly understand the full picture of your staff, their schedules and workload. This webinar introduced 10,000ft, a project planning and resource management platform that ensures smooth sailing in allocating staff projects and time tracking whilst adapting to changing requirements with full transparency to the team. We discussed the common challenges with project planning and resource management whilst demonstrating an efficient resolution to these with Resource Management by Smartsheet (formerly 10,00ft)

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