Brandfolder is a powerfully simple digital asset management platform which empowers brands to become more organised, consistent, and efficient.


A home for all of your branded assets

Brandfolder is the single source for all your digital assets, making it easy to maintain brand consistency and amplify brand engagement in a uniquely visual fashion.


Brandfolder quickly gets your brand assets organized, curated, and distributed in the right format to the right audience. You've spent an enormous amount of time building assets, and they are likely stored across multiple cloud storage locations, hard drives or employee computers.

An intuitive way for users to find what they need, when they need it.

The only platform that can scale from a single project to end-to-end work management. Brandfolder helps marketers and creatives manage and distribute all of their assets, and understand how they’re performing.

Your team wastes dozens of hours a week finding assets. Brandfolder makes it easy for users to access assets from an intuitive, cloud-based, single source of truth.

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An easy way to share your brand's assets.

Simplify brand asset distribution by sharing an asset, a collection of assets, or even your entire Brandfolder with robust privacy controls and

user-level permissions.

Media comes in all shapes and sizes, file types and formats. Brandfolder supports all file formats, including: images, video, audio and documents in a wide array of file types.

Understand how your assets are performing with Brand Intelligence.

Find content quicker, allow your teams to work on more strategic projects, and make your creative and marketing budget more effective.

Using proprietary AI and ML technologies, Brand Intelligence shows you who is using your assets, where they’re being used, and what your

highest-performing assets are.

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Integrates with the tools you use everyday

Whether you want to streamline your workflow, connect to cloud storage, or track events and analytics, Brandfolder's platform offers many integrations to strengthen your digital asset management capabilities. 

Brandfolder in Action

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