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Ongoing Support

Project Plan Services provide in-house day-to-day support for all of your licenced users. Their continuous source of help when they need it. 

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Going the extra mile, PPS provide Ongoing Support not only for the setup and onboarding of Smartsheet in your organisation but also day-to-day support for the users. From simple enquiries regarding logging in to questions related to the core platform capabilities, and give you guidance on how to effectively use Smartsheet.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your PPS Account Manager is always on hand to support you and your business with its chosen solution and any supplementing services including Ongoing Support, Online Learning or Training.

Tailored Number of Hours

We will always help you to understand how many hours of support are right for your organisation. Based on the complexity of your solution requirements and the experience level of your staff.

Functional and Essential Queries

Ongoing Support covers all day-to-day queries from functional usability and onboarding to questions on the core solution capabilities like formatting, admin and management for mixed-level users. 

Accessible for All - No Restrictions

All licenced users across your organisation who are using Smartsheet have access to Ongoing Support. Meaning you don't have any restrictions per staff member, ensuring optimum effectiveness and efficiency.

Other Solution Services


Specialist Support

Specialist support covering advanced functions and capabilities of your solution.


Knowledge Assessment

Understanding the needs, experience and competency levels of your staff.



Courses and workshops to educate and elevate staff on your chosen solution.

Our Smartsheet Training Courses

Smartsheet: Getting Started

Giving you the building blocks to start using Smartsheet and see the potential it has for saving you time and helping you align people with the technology to assist you with business strategies and objectives.

Smartsheet: Becoming the Expert

Our Expert training session will enable you to build Dashboards, improve your projects within Smartsheet and collaboration by using workapps, proofing tools and other integrations.

Smartsheet: Optimising your Sheets

Taking Smartsheet to the next level, this session looks at how Smartsheet can send reminders and other workflows to help save time. How to collate data and how to show that data to collaborators.

Resource Management: Get Started

This session is for those new to a resource management and planning tool. This session will help you set things up to enable you to add projects and resource them effectively.

What Our Clients Say


Aspire Defence Services

"Excellent training session with good structure and a relaxed training technique. I would recommend to other organisations, the course trainer was very open to questions and happy to help with any queries."

Concrete Facade

Let’s Get Started

Get in touch today to arrange a discovery call.

Our specialist team will talk through your business and requirements along with any questions you have. We can also arrange a tailored demo to any of our solutions and set you up with a free trial.

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