Nominated for Best Training Course of the Year in the 2021 Nimble Awards, our incredibly popular Getting Started with Smartsheet training course ensures you get real practical and immediate benefit.


Whether you have no experience of using Smartsheet or you are still familiarising yourself with the key features, this session will help you navigate and use the fundamentals to help you in your journey with using this amazing piece of technology.


This session will help you structure the data you have, sharing that data and collaborating with team members and colleagues in real-time. With guidance through the design of your Smartsheet, our expert Learning and Development Team will help you design your Smartsheet items to ensure the best possible results.

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Helping you structure your sheets and their layout with Smartsheet. By guiding you how to create a smartsheet from scratch, how to add attachments and communicating in real time. This course also covers  Formulas and Sharing along with learning about the  different views and the use of the mobile App (using Smartsheet on the go).

The session will be delivered with interactive activities, demonstrations, and discussions to best understand your business and the use of Smartsheet. This will enable a collaborative approach in the support PPS can give to you during this session. We will make sure we are able to help you with true business change projects and implementation/business plans.

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