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Professional Services

Our Consultancy Team are experts in all of our solutions including Smartsheet, Resource Management and Microsoft Project Online. Delivering Professional Services on an hourly or daily basis, finding the perfect fit for your organisation.

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Working with the PPS Consultancy team to determine the best solution for your organisation. Consultancy also includes custom builds of connectors and integrations to offer the ideal solution for you.

Working on bespoke and custom services such as solution builds and implementation that are the perfect fit for your organisation. Ensuring new solutions are integrated with your existing way of working for a seamless adoption with your team.


Smartsheet Consultancy

Our Professional Services are delivered by our Smartsheet and solution experts, every step of the way


Meeting with all stakeholders to understand all details and requirements of the proposed solution. Discussing all design options and how Smartsheet and/or other solutions will be implemented to deliver future-proof change for your organisation. This phase also includes our innovative Knowledge Assessment, working with your teams to understand the experience and skill level to tailor the Solution Services that are right for your business.


Our Smartsheet and solution specialists will work to build and configure a solution that is accessible and fits seamlessly into your organisation with end users typically able to start using within just a few weeks. The build will include all formulas, automations and critical data to ensure you can hit the ground running to grow and evolve immediately.


To ensure a smooth launch, the refined solution, templates, user guidelines will be piloted on live resources and projects. Care will be taken not to disrupt existing processes and parallel reporting will take place to ensure ongoing continuity during the pilot. The pilot will allow for testing and improvements to be made before the official solution goes live.


On successful completion of the pilot, the solution will be fully rolled-out to the organisation. PPS will be on hand to assist you during this critical phase including the delivery of user training and guidelines to support a high adoption rate and effective use of the solution from day 1.


PPS offers both Ongoing and Specialist Support following the deployment of your Smartsheet solution. Supporting all users across all solution platforms by answering questions and queries ranging from core functionalities to advanced capabilities. Our Support allows all users to access flexible and valuable support and assistance directly from the PPS team.

Specialist Support

Upon the delivery and conclusion of the Professional Services package, Specialist Support is the perfect service that provides continued care and development to support your growth and success. We know that your needs develop and evolve over time and what you want may expand once your solution has been deployed. 

Dedicated Account Manager

Your PPS Account Manager is always on hand to support you and your business with its chosen solution and any supplementing services including Specialist Support, Online Learning or Training.

Specialist and Advanced Queries

Our Specialist Support covers technical and advanced functions and capabilities of our solutions along with any bespoke and custom builds that have been created for your organisation.

Tailored Number of Hours

We will always help you to understand how many hours of support are right for your organisation. Based on the complexity of your solution requirements and the experience level of your staff.

Delivered by Specialists

All of our support is delivered by those who have been involved in your account solution since launch. Therefore have a complete understanding of your organisation's needs in order to deliver high-tier support.

Other Solution Services


Ongoing Support

Day-to-day support for users within your organisation for your solution.


Knowledge Assessment

Understanding the needs, experience and competency levels of your staff.



Courses and workshops to educate and elevate staff on your chosen solution.


Aspire Defence Services

"Excellent training session with good structure and a relaxed training technique. I would recommend to other organisations, the course trainer was very open to questions and happy to help with any queries."

What Our Clients Say

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Let’s Get Started

Get in touch today to arrange a discovery call.

Our specialist team will talk through your business and requirements along with any questions you have. We can also arrange a tailored demo to any of our solutions and set you up with a free trial.

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