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Join PPS in a series of educational webinars covering project planning and management, client stories along with insight as a Platinum Smartsheet Partner and Microsoft Partner


Enhancing your people's skills in a hybrid workplace
Harnessing the power of your staff to drive success and change

As technology continues to advance and the challenges of a pandemic remain, we are forced to adapt and evolve the way we work. Enhancing your people's skillset has never been more important. Recognising the importance of relevant skills that our workforce needs in a rapidly evolving landscape is essential to driving success in organisations.


Project Management for Evolving Businesses

As your business grows and evolves, the need for different platforms and software to support you seems to be endless. How these platforms align and work together is often another barrier to working efficiently and effectively.  

This webinar discusses bridging the gap between systems of record such as ERP, CRM and ITSM with day-to-day user platforms like email, calendar, documents and communications. In addition, we will demonstrate a full end-to-end solution utilising different techniques, approaches and platforms to find a streamlined approach to success.


Re-Aligning Your Organisation’s Marketing
Streamlining your marketing tools and technologies with Smartsheet

Whatever your business function, marketing lies at the heart of your brand, sales process, customer acquisition and retention. With a growing number of innovative marketing tools and technologies, marketers face the complexity of understanding their customers across every touchpoint.

We discussed the “Marketing Bloat” and streamlining marketing processes using Smartsheet for Marketing and the platform’s innovative functionalities to support your marketing and communications from a single platform.


Understanding the Full Picture
Resource Management by Smartsheet

Without offices or face to face meetings, it is challenging to truly understand the full picture of your staff, their schedules and workload. This webinar introduced 10,000ft, a project planning and resource management platform that ensures smooth sailing in allocating staff projects and time tracking whilst adapting to changing requirements with full transparency to the team. We discussed the common challenges with project planning and resource management whilst demonstrating an efficient resolution to these with Resource Management by Smartsheet (formerly 10,00ft)

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