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A highly interactive workshop to help you explore core skill to enable you to improve your ability to communicate.

The Art of Communication

Virtual Training Course held over 2 sessions each 3.5hours in duration

Looking at the whole communication process and the skills you would use within the workplace, we will look at how to improve and adapt these. Looking at what can hinder the process of communication by identifying what barriers are there and how you can overcome these. Looking beyond the factors of listening, questioning and making the message clear. We will all look at how you would make connections to the audience you are communicating to.

Communication Skills Add Ons

Difficult Conversations – Virtual 4 Hours

This session is to look at what makes a conversation difficult and how can you prepare and plan for this. We will look at the differing language to use during a difficult conversation and how you can apply this in practice.

Remote Teams – Virtual (2 Sessions of 3 Hours)

This session is to help you manage and work in remote teams. How to make the team work successfully together and to also recognise working in a geographically separated environment. Looking at working to clear and shared guidelines. The importance of self-management and how to re-engage beliefs, attitudes using technology effectively and appropriately.

Business Writing – Virtual 7 Hours (2 Sessions of 3.5 Hours)

This session is to explore written communication in the workplace, to customers and clients including your internal teams and colleagues. Looking at the impact of a poorly written message including looking at grammar and punctuation etc. Included within this course is a closer look at writing business reports, looking at what differing reports there are and to ensure you have a sensible report writing strategy.



Learning at your own pace via our online learning portal, the course is delivered with interactive activities, demonstrations, and knowledge tests followed by a face-to-face session with our expert training team. This will enable a collaborative approach in the support PPS can give to you during this session. We will make sure we are able to help you with true business change projects and implementation/business plans.

Concrete Facade

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