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Harnessing creativity and spontaneity of conversations with Smartsheet and Microsoft Teams

Updated: Apr 19


The world of working has evolved and now businesses are looking for ways in which employees and teams can work more collaboratively. Microsoft Teams is now being used by 440,000 organisations, and with usage projected to accelerate, it’s clear that the popularity of this collaboration application is growing at a rapid pace. Given that Microsoft Teams has become an integral part of the workplace, the ability to enhance collaboration is crucial and that is why Smartsheet integration with Microsoft Teams is changing the way in which people work.

Why Smartsheet Integration is a Game Changer

Staff and project teams often waste time switching between applications or copying and pasting information into multiple systems. To work more efficiently, business teams today require a centralised hub for communication and work processes. The Smartsheet x Microsoft Teams integration helps businesses and teams become more creative whilst supporting the ability to work. This means that project discussions can be taken one step further. The ability to send Smartsheet notifications direct to a Teams Channel or Chat allows a seamless connection between project documentation and progress with team members and resources. Removing the risk of missed notifications and alerts results in a more efficient end to end delivery of projects and consistent conversation means appropriate action on tasks and projects can be taken right away. No more switching between apps to approve requests or share key information.

Having the ability to converse using teams is one thing but having the scope to explore projects in real-time makes it possible for teams to work more efficiently. Along with this, it also improves the operational visibility of businesses.


Change How You Work

Smartsheet is secure as it implements enterprise-grade security controls which means that integration with Microsoft Teams is safe and secure. Furthermore, it can also grow with your business and projects as it is scalable. By encouraging people to manage projects and automate workflows using Smartsheet, it is possible to create solutions that deliver on every level. It brings people together to work collaboratively and with more businesses using Microsoft Teams to operate remotely, it is changing the way in which businesses implement working strategies because it makes it possible to become more reactive and proactive.

We all know how projects can change and how workflows can change but Smartsheet integration makes this a seamless process. As it is adaptable, it can change on an hourly basis but with easy access and the ability to use it while using Microsoft Teams, it ensures that everyone has their finger on the pulse.

It’s a versatile solution where teams can make a Smartsheet Tab within a Teams Channel. They can then add sheets, reports and dashboards, bringing conversations together to give an instant overview of projects while creating a centralised space for teams to work together.

If businesses want to work smarter and more productively, then Smartsheet integration with Microsoft Teams is the way forward. It will enable businesses to get more from employees while helping to improve efficiency which will translate into successful outcomes.


How to Get the Integration

To get the Smartsheet for Teams integration, navigate to the “store” in Microsoft Teams and search for Smartsheet. From there you will see the “Add for you” option, where you can elect to receive Smartsheet notifications as a direct message, and the “Add to a team” option, where you can add Smartsheet sheets, dashboards, and reports as a “tab” in a channel.

To enable the functionality that allows you to send alerts directly to a Teams channel, your Microsoft Office 365 admin must have approved the Smartsheet application.

Not yet a Smartsheet user? Interested in a seamless solution that will harness the power of Microsoft Teams within your project management? Contact PPS today for a consultation to discuss your organisation’s needs and how we can support your growth and development.

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