Core skills contribute to enabling a strong business strategy and focus amongst staff, helping your organisation deliver what it needs to and prepare for what is to come.


We work with you on the skills enhancements you may need and the learning initiatives that we have, including a dedicated learning and development professional to develop the skills and knowledge of the existing teams you already have. This can be assessed and delivered in varying methods to meet all styles.

Our Core Skills training courses cover the key areas:

  • Communication Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Time Management Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Performance Management Skills

  • Customer Service

PPS Core Skills training goes above and beyond other courses on the market by ensuring every session is tailored to your business and your unique requirements. In addition, we consider the different skills levels and experience of your staff in our courses to ensure they receive the most valuable course for them. Our work doesn't stop once the training session finishes either, with our continued mentoring programme your staff will have the support they need to implement their learnings into their work. 



Learning at your own pace via our online learning portal, the course is delivered with interactive activities, demonstrations, and knowledge tests followed by a face-to-face session with our expert training team. This will enable a collaborative approach in the support PPS can give to you during this session. We will make sure we are able to help you with true business change projects and implementation/business plans.

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