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Understanding Smartsheet Licences – Finding the Right Plan for You

As we continue our back-to-basics with Smartsheet series, we next look at the different Smartsheet licences and plans. Our Solutions Consultant, Mandy Farr, shares her expert insight into each type of licence and how to decide which plan is right for you and your organisation.

Smartsheet Plan Types

Smartsheet offers a range of plan types, so it’s understandable why you may need some assistance to know which one will work best to support the success of your teams and business.

Let’s start with the Pro Plan, offering both a single-user plan along with being able to have multiple licensed users. The Smartsheet Pro gives your teams precisely what they need to create projects, build workflows and manage their work in a way that works best for them. Functionalities of the Pro plan include:

  • Use as many sheets as you need to manage all your projects.

  • Make sure everyone on your team can easily see what you're working on.

  • Enable up to 10 editors to edit any of your sheets, reports and dashboards to keep your projects on track.

  • View your projects, programs and tasks and work in the format that works best for you.

  • Easily display and collect information to power your projects and increase visibility.

  • Attach files, images, and documents directly to their associated tasks.

  • Automate manual and repetitive work with reminders and update requests.

  • Integrate with the tools you use the most to get work done.

  • Protect your data and enforce your security policies by requiring users on your plan to use stronger passwords and a single set of credentials.

  • Get help from your peers, through self-service help and learning content or via email.

Next, we have the Business Plan, for accounts that have a minimum of three users and can have multiple licensed users. This includes all the features of the Pro plan and so much more:

  • Collaborate with as many people as you need or want. They can either be viewers or editors based on the permissions you give them.

  • Admins can access Smartsheet’s rich set of account admin capabilities via the Admin Centre, a new integrated control console with a modern user experience dedicated to meeting the needs of System Admins.

  • Easily capture and compare variances between your planned and actual work schedule.

  • Use a single form to ask the right questions to the right people by adding simple logic rules in a form to conditionally show fields in real time based on the responses in another field and provide a flexible and extensible platform.

  • Publish a sheet, report, or dashboard so that anyone (no matter if they're part of your organization or not) can view the information without logging into Smartsheet.

  • There is even more storage to save your important files, docs, proofs, images, videos, and more.

  • Automate manual and repetitive work with reminders and update requests based on time or actions that happen within your sheets.

  • Utilise integrations with Brandfolder, Adobe Creative Cloud, Tableau, and Power BI (licenses with those tools required to use the integration).

  • Quickly generate custom PDFs based on row data on your sheets with drag-and-drop functionality.

  • Track and view all of the activities and changes made to a sheet, dashboard or report.

  • Easily streamline the process of reviewing, revising, and approving content including both images and videos.

Finally, there is the Enterprise Plan, enabling you to manage work across your enterprise with a powerful no-code app builder and enhanced IT governance and administration. Just like the Business plan, Enterprise is for those with a minimum of three users and can have multiple licenced users. The added capabilities of the Enterprise Plan include:

  • Ensure consistent log-in methods by limiting the methods in which your users gain access to Smartsheet. Users can also log in through your organization's custom authentication service.

  • Synchronize existing enterprise directory services with Smartsheet to provision and de-provision users and allow people who share a domain with you to discover your account and request to be added to it.

  • Build intuitive web and mobile apps to streamline your business and simplify collaboration.

  • Attach documents, images, videos, and proofs without total storage restrictions.

  • Make better decisions about the work you’re doing in Smartsheet by uncovering and visualizing key trends, activities, and bottlenecks.

  • Build an internal Chargeback Report by division, department, and cost centre based on data synchronized with Directory Integration.

  • Real-time status tracking in your sheet for any document you generate using a DocuSign template.

So now we have covered the types of Smartsheet plans and the functionalities and capabilities each one allows you to do, we can look closer at which one might be the right fit for you. We have compiled two brief use cases where PPS understood the client needs to propose a suitable solution that would not only support their success and alleviate pain points but actually be the right fit for them to ensure ROI.

Finding the right solution with PPS

Company A - Use Case

Company A is a global company that required a solution that would help deliver its mission and extend its reach within the global market. They wanted a platform that would empower their teams to collaborate and gain an understanding of how the company was performing.

Project Plan Services worked closely with Company A to understand their requirements and their ideal solution. This included a solution to act as a central source of truth for a diverse portfolio of projects and as a tool to establish consistent, accurate reporting. In addition, they needed a platform that would be easy to roll out, require very little training and provide cost savings. Through this discovery process, PPS and Company A decided that the Enterprise plan and the functionality, licences, and permission levels that this provided would be the ideal plan.

The PPS Solutions team built a Smartsheet solution that would allow the organisation to manage their project portfolio and to create ‘live’, consistent and accurate reporting. The Smartsheet solution also provided one place for all their global teams to collaborate and work efficiently and effectively together.

The CEO of Company A stated “It was a process of continuous improvement and Smartsheet added so much value that I had no pushback to adopting it into all our processes. Smartsheet has helped our Company to efficiently deliver to our clients and increase our impact in the UK”.

Company A’s Project Team collaborate directly with internal teams, external suppliers and clients to create streamlined project initiation documents that host relevant data with an updated schedule that forecasts timescales in real-time. Smartsheet has allowed the Senior Project Manager and their team to gain a macro-level view of every active project and can determine early signs of delays. The Smartsheet solution that PPS delivered also supports those involved in the governance of projects. This offers actionable insights to keep the momentum going on tasks.

Company A now uses a suite of new tools and forms through Smartsheet that now collect and process new applications. This includes helping the project management team improve reporting and making monthly reports are now easier to collect, thanks to automation and the display of consistent data, thanks to standardised templates.

Company B – Use Case

The Food and Waste Department within Company B is leading the way in tackling food loss and waste, reducing GHG emissions and water use. They work with global brands, governments, delivery partners and directly with individuals to reduce food waste and deliver lasting impact.

As part of its mission and objectives, Company B offers an extensive training package to their clients. This training provides companies and their employees with the tools, skills and knowledge to enable them to reduce food loss and waste. Company B evaluates the training both pre, during and post-training, comparing the results of these evaluations against the company’s targets.

Previously, the company were extracting the evaluation data from their training database and importing into excel and then manually analysing the data against the percentage food waste targets. This heavily manual process was taking up a considerable amount of time and resources as well as carrying a high risk of error. Company B required a platform that they could import their data into which could automatically produce consistent and accurate reporting.

Project Plan Services worked with Company B and met with all stakeholders to understand all details and requirements of the proposed solution. They discussed all design options on how the Smartsheet Business Plan could be implemented along with a bespoke build from PPS to deliver the change for their company.

Project Plan Services internal Smartsheet & Solution specialists worked to build and configure a solution that was accessible, easy to use and provide accurate, consistent reporting. The build included ensuring that the data from Company’s training database could be imported into Smartsheet seamlessly with no issues or format errors.

Our Solution Specialists configured Smartsheet with automated workflows and formulas which enabled Company B to access accurate reporting and easy to analyse, visual dashboards.

Now that collating the data is no longer heavily manual and easier to analyse from the reports and dashboards, Company B has seen a reduction in resources used and time spent, resulting in cost savings. Project Plan Services will provide Ongoing and Specialist Support to Company B by answering all questions and queries.

How Smartsheet & PPS can help you

We understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ so we work with you to fully understand your requirements and build a robust solution that is unique to you. At Project Plan Services we are there beside you to support, advise and use our technology and solution configuration expertise to establish your exact licence and permission requirements.

Making things simple is at the heart of what we do, we strive to support you and your business wherever. We offer a selection of supplementing services that aim to make your experience working with your chosen platform to new heights of success and uptake within your organisation.

So what are you waiting for? Book a Discovery Call with the PPS team today to discuss your business needs and we will help you find the perfect solution that will elevate your business.


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