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Integrating Smartsheet with Microsoft 365

Smartsheet is a great way to plan, capture, manage, automate, and report on work — wherever that work happens. With accurate work management, teams are able to connect and deliver their very best work with speed and accountability. Smartsheet empowers you to collaborate in real-time and deploy new processes at scale with a proven solution from your primary device or phone. Smartsheet's integration with Microsoft 365 allows you to seamlessly work with your favourite enterprise tools, such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Azure Active Directory, so you can focus on accomplishing your business objectives with the best tools for the job.

Maximize the Value of Microsoft 365 With Smartsheet

Microsoft 365 is essential for information workers in every industry to create and communicate. The integration with Smartsheet expands on that promise by providing structure, consistency, visibility, and improved collaboration to maximize the value of that work.

Being part of the Microsoft online family means that Smartsheet can accept data from your Microsoft files such as an Excel spreadsheet that is being stored online. Users have a single sign-on as they move from Excel to Smartsheet, and Smartsheet can be launched by itself or within 365. Because it is part of the Office 365 cluster, Smartsheet also gets entry into IT departments, which can manage employee access through Active Directory.

“Smartsheet seamlessly integrates with a number of different aspects of Microsoft Office 365, allowing organizations to take advantage of an assortment of apps without boxing in the information or creating inefficient business processes," said Rob Howard, Director of Office 365 Ecosystem Marketing at Microsoft Corp. “This is a great example of how interoperability of cloud providers, like Smartsheet and Microsoft, reduces complexity and helps our joint customers work smarter.”

Connect Smartsheet with the Microsoft Office 365 tools your teams use today so they can be even more productive. Find out more about Smartsheet.


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