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Smartsheet Integration with DocuSign

Every day, documents play a critical role in formalising and finalising business processes. When we’re about to close a sale, make a hire, renew a contract, and so much more, we need that paperwork completed and signed — yesterday.

But the documents we depend on to advance those opportunities can easily slow our momentum. Preparing and signing custom documents across disconnected platforms is time-consuming and susceptible to costly errors, particularly as the number of documents goes up. And once the documents are out for signature, it’s hard to keep tabs on their different statuses and act quickly.

With the DocuSign integration, you can seamlessly create important documents, send them for signature, and track signing statuses, all from Smartsheet, in order to save time, reduce costs and errors, and ultimately drive your business forward.

The DocuSign integration, which is available in the Document Builder, combines two inputs, an existing DocuSign template and the data in your sheet to create and send out documents that are customized for each row. After selecting one of your templates, you’ll map it to the fields in your sheet in order to assign signing roles and customize the content.

This will aid you to achieve buy in from your stakeholders or providing important policy changes etc. This is game changing due to the level of documentation that accompanies any transformation project or change initiative and will enable you to keep everything in one place. Rob Kennie, Learning and Development Manager, PPS

Check out Smartsheet's short video below on how you can get started with Document Builder and DocuSign.

Smartsheet's integration with DocuSign is available to all Smartsheet customers on Enterprise and Premier plans. If you’d like to try out the integration but don’t yet have a DocuSign account, DocuSign is pleased to provide Smartsheet customers with a free 30-day trial.


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