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Revolutionise Your Business' Project and Portfolio Management with Smartsheet


In the dynamic landscape of modern business, strategic project and portfolio management can be the difference between success and stagnation. So, we thought it would be a great time to go back to basics with Smartsheet, the game-changing platform that has been reshaping how businesses approach project and portfolio management for over 15 years. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the transformative capabilities of Smartsheet and how it can revolutionise your organisation's project management strategy.

Unveiling Smartsheet's Power

Smartsheet is an all-in-one collaboration and work execution platform designed to streamline project and portfolio management processes. This cloud-based solution combines the familiar interface of a spreadsheet with advanced project management features, creating a dynamic environment for teams to plan, execute, and track projects seamlessly.

Benefits of Smartsheet for Project and Portfolio Management

Centralised Collaboration: Smartsheet provides a centralised hub where teams can collaborate in real time. Team members can access and update project information from anywhere, fostering cross-functional collaboration and ensuring everyone is aligned with the project's goals.

Customisable Workflows: The platform's versatility allows you to tailor workflows to your business's unique processes. From task tracking and resource allocation to approval workflows, Smartsheet adapts to your specific needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and adherence to established methodologies.

Real-time Visibility: Smartsheet offers a clear, real-time view of project progress and resource allocation. This visibility empowers project managers to make informed decisions on the fly, pivot strategies as needed, and keep stakeholders updated without delays.

Resource Optimisation: Smartsheet's Resource Management features enable you to allocate personnel and assets intelligently. The platform's dashboards help you identify bottlenecks, underutilised resources, and overburdened teams, allowing for optimal resource distribution. You can learn more about the importance of Resource Management here.

Portfolio Management: Smartsheet facilitates portfolio-level management by providing insights into the performance of multiple projects. This high-level overview assists in prioritising projects, allocating resources strategically, and aligning projects with overall business objectives.

Implementing Smartsheet in Your Strategy

Onboarding and Training: To maximise the benefits of Smartsheet, ensure thorough onboarding and training for your teams. Familiarise them with the platform's features, collaboration tools, and reporting capabilities. This investment in training guarantees a smoother transition and optimal usage. Find out more about our brand-new Launch Packages to get you kickstarted.

Project Setup: Begin by creating project sheets that outline tasks, timelines, and dependencies. Utilise Smartsheet's Gantt Chart view to visualise project timelines and identify potential roadblocks. This comprehensive setup ensures that everyone has a clear understanding of project scope and expectations. You can learn more about using Gantt Charts in our latest article.

Automated Workflows: Leverage Smartsheet's automation capabilities to streamline routine tasks and notifications. Automated alerts for task deadlines, resource availability, and approval processes reduce manual efforts, enhancing efficiency across the board.

Dashboard Utilisation: Embrace Smartsheet's dashboard feature to consolidate project data, track KPIs, and generate visual reports. Dashboards offer stakeholders a holistic view of project health, enabling data-driven decisions and fostering transparency.

If you need support on any of these implementation steps, the PPS Consultancy team offer Ongoing and Specialist Support helping to ensure Smartsheet is optimised for your unique business needs.

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, leveraging innovative tools like Smartsheet can elevate your project and portfolio management strategy to unprecedented heights. With its collaborative interface, customisable workflows, and real-time insights, Smartsheet empowers organisations to navigate complex projects with ease. By embracing Smartsheet, you're not just adopting software – you're embracing a transformative approach that can drive efficiency, enhance collaboration, and lead your business to unparalleled success in the world of project and portfolio management.


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