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Project Plan Services launch partnership with Brandfolder - Press Release

Updated: Feb 15, 2022


Project Plan Services (PPS) today announced their new partnership with Brandfolder, the #1 Digital Asset Management platform for enterprise usability and recent Smartsheet acquisition, to further their offering for marketing and creative program management.

As CMOs around the world struggle to cope with rapidly changing competitive, social, and economic landscapes, it’s clearer than ever that brands need solutions to produce compelling customer experiences at speed with agility, consistency, efficiency, and security. As velocity scales, the need for work management combined with digital asset management is ever more apparent.

Project Plan Services, portfolio, programme and project management specialists and Smartsheet Platinum Partner is at the forefront of creating innovative solutions to pervasive business challenges. As the complexity of digital and distributed work continues to increase for marketers and creatives, where simple project management was sufficient, PPS sees the necessity for asset management as a critical counterpart of how work gets done.

“I am really excited about our new partnership with Brandfolder as we are now able to offer effective digital asset management capability coupled together with our existing work and project management solutions. This is a fantastic addition to our portfolio of products and we look forward to a long and lasting relationship with Brandfolder as we work together to offer more customers the power and the resultant benefits of this excellent solution.” Peter Allanach, Director, Project Plan Services.

Launching this new innovative partnership allows PPS to build their offering for the MarTech space. Leveraging their knowledge of business and project planning across a multitude of industries to evolve into a fully integrated services provider.

“We partnered with PPS to deliver on the convergence of collaborative work and digital asset management and leverage their expertise and program management excellence. I am impressed by their calculated eagerness to expand the value they can deliver to their customers and their portfolio of solutions, as well as their foresight to see the opportunity presented by the incredible growth projected for digital asset management.” Jeff Burak, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Brandfolder.

How many times has your marketing and creative team been asked for the most recent logo or a product image? According to Brandfolder’s research, nearly half of participants have used Google Image Search to find their own company’s logo. Overall, too much time is wasted just finding the materials needed to create marketing campaigns, update websites, or share company information with prospective clients. Often shared and personal drives are packed with duplicate images of various versions, hidden beneath layer after layer of folders. Brandfolder is about stripping it back to simplicity while preserving robust digital asset management, a single source of truth and the immediate touchpoint for your staff to access the files and assets they need both regularly and occasionally.


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