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Aligning Project Management With CRM

Updated: Feb 15, 2022


Every project will need to align with the needs of the client because the end goal will need to meet their requirements. With many different entities involved in the process, keeping everyone up-to-speed can prove challenging but this is where Smartsheet for Salesforce Connector can really make a difference.

The Importance of Keeping Clients Connected

For any project to be completed successfully, it’s crucial that data is shared across all areas. This can include the different project management methods being used, the people involved, the tasks to be completed as well as information about the client.

Smartsheet for Salesforce Connector is about ensuring data is synced and shared across platforms. This enables project planning and management to seamlessly fall in line with CRM.

Through the ability to access visual analytics and reporting, it makes it possible for leadership to make informed decisions in real-time. Workflows can be created and teams can be empowered to work more productively with better visibility, collaboration and accountability and that is where project management can really improve.

Project Management

Project planning and portfolio management is about implementing a range of techniques that help to manage and organise the resources that are available and integral to the completion of a project. Along with this, it will involve planning, distributing, executing and controlling those tasks that are linked with the project.


CRM or Customer Relationship Management involves the number of ways that you can enhance and manage the business relationship with clients. This can help to enhance sales, attract more projects and take the business to the next step. So, with that link between Smartsheet and Salesforce, it’s possible for businesses to obtain greater clarity.

Project Management and CRM

In order to exceed the needs and expectations of customers, it is important that project managers and CRM teams work closely. This will ensure that clients are satisfied with the way in which their projects are handled and it ensures that your business can grow while keeping stakeholders interested in the business.

It makes it possible to communicate team objectives clearly while helping to prioritise the needs of the client. It will make it possible to efficiently communicate the objectives of teams which sit at the core of project management. Obviously, every project will need to keep the needs of the client as a priority and CRM is about convincing clients that your business has the scope to manage their project efficiently. Both project managers and CRM teams will need to focus on the needs of customers while also addressing their pain points where necessary.

So, to achieve synergy between the Project Management Team and the CRM, it helps to share real-time data and that’s where Smartsheet's Salesforce Connector can help. Using this solution, it is possible to view what is happening across both teams without the need to schedule meetings and this can help to save time and improve efficiency. It will also help to complete projects faster and it will help your business to move one step closer to achieving strategic alignment.

Smartsheet & Salesforce Connector

  • Increase productivity of your sales team without changing the way they work. Synchronise your Salesforce data to Smartsheet to make bulk changes using the intuitive interface.

  • Your Smartsheet data is automatically synchronized back into Salesforce, to give everyone greater visibility.

  • Collaboration and sharing across Salesforce and non-Salesforce users is no longer a manual process of exporting data to spreadsheets. With the Smartsheet for Salesforce connector, all data is updated in real-time and shared across teams throughout the organisation.

  • Eliminate redundant steps and enable your teams to better manage pipeline, track commission payouts, plan territories and more with the auto-synchronisation of data between your work management system and CRM.

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