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The Power of Smartsheet – Dynamic Working for Everyone

Smartsheet Strategic Planning Dashboard View

This quarter, we are taking things back to basics. As we prepare for Smartsheet ENGAGE 2022, PPS want to share the key information surrounding Smartsheet and why it is the perfect solution for your business. Therefore, we are starting by looking at the scale and power of Smartsheet.

So what is Smartsheet? Smartsheet is a dynamic work system that connects your business on a flexible, no-code platform that empowers anyone to create the solution they need with the control and security IT demands. As a platform that can scale from a single project to enterprise-wide initiatives, organisations are able to make detailed decisions at the micro-level as well as manage the strategic direction and business-wide transformation.

From collaboration tools that keep teams aligned to intelligent workflows that drive productivity, to end-to-end solutions for content and resource management, Smartsheet gives every team and individual the confidence and tools to make an impact. From Project Management teams to your Marketing and Sales departments, templates and pre-set sheets mean there truly is something for everyone.

A recent research study completed by Forrester titled ‘The Total Economic Impact of Smartsheet’ (TEI) was released in January 2022 having studied the use of Smartsheet in a range of organisations over a 3 year period. The report found that Smartsheet reduced time spent on project, portfolio, and programmes set up by 80%. “Smartsheet enabled project management teams to templatize and automate repetitive aspects of a new initiative set up. Automating tasks greatly reduced the number of manual steps end-users had to go through and freed up end user time by 80% during the set-up portion of these programs.”*

PPS have previously discussed the average size of the tech stack in organisations and how this continues to grow and individual working processes often drive business functions into isolation through the use of niche and specific software and platforms. However, by consolidating software and platforms, utilisation and communication can improve performance and efficiency. The TEI report outlines that given the vast uses of Smartsheet, the use of the software enabled organisations to make “over $1.1M of savings over three years”.* With interviewees able to reduce the number of platforms within their tech stack by using Smartsheet, without the need for additional investment elsewhere.

It is clear that there’s a huge amount to gain from Smartsheet with every business function able to use the same platform in so many ways to suit their role, responsibilities, level and way of working. So, the PPS team have shared what are their favourite and most used Smartsheet functionalities and features.

Alyssa, Marketing Manager

“My favourite and most used feature of Smartsheet is the Marketing Campaign Management template. It’s so easy to use and as it is a built-in template I don’t have to create each one from scratch, saving me so much time. I use this at a department level to plan our PPS marketing campaigns, each activity, the copy, CTAs and timings. I then use the Calendar Add On which is shared with the rest of the organisation so everyone can clearly see, on a weekly or monthly view, when a piece of marketing is going live in the wider schedule. This means they don’t see all the extra information that they don’t need but can see what the strategic theme is for that week/month/quarter, what days content is going live and what social media posts or supporting activities are going out.”

Smartsheet Project Planning Marketing Dashboard

Rob, Learning & Development Manager

“My most used and cannot live without features of Smartsheet are the Annotation (Workflows) and Forms. In Learning and Development, I need to be able to collate and analyse feedback from sessions that have been delivered which can be completed within one interactive and dynamic form, for all the sessions the team runs. Using the logic function within Forms means I do not have to have separate forms for each course. I send the Forms to my training participants for feedback via the link (which can be edited) and once completed, all the information is gathered in one place. I use the Annotation feature here to highlight improvements that have been fed back by people as the courses and sessions need to constantly evolve to keep them fresh and up to date. This enables Smartsheet to notify me if there is something I need to be aware of instead of me checking the feedback all the time. This then allows me to make necessary changes in a timely manner.”

Andrew, Head of Consulting

“My favourite and most used feature of Smartsheet is, not surprisingly(!), the Project Plan template. The actual template we use is a derivation of the standard Smartsheet template and has been refined over several years to give us all the critical information we need. The project plan enables me to easily map out the professional services projects in as much detail as required, and the Gantt Chart view enables timelines to be clearly visible. Utilising the dependencies functionality is especially useful where we are dependent on clients making decisions or supplying information, as the impact of these tasks not being completed on time clearly shows the impact on the overall project timeline. We share the project plans with clients so that all actions are transparent and everyone is “working off the same hymn sheet”. Each plan also clearly documents what the agreed project deliverables are and makes it very easy for clients to update their internal teams with the progress of the project. Linking the project plans to Resource Management enables resource requirements to be easily managed and pre-populates timesheets for the relevant consultant.”

Smartsheet Project Planning Reports View

Mandy, Solutions Consultant

“My most valuable and most used features in Smartsheet are the Workflows and Reminders. When building a solution for a client these are essential in ensuring that they receive the correct updates and requests for approval. The ability to automate manual processes is beneficial both from a customer journey point of view and of course cost benefits to the client. The Reports and Dashboards are also an important feature for many of our clients. Being able to view specific information at any level such as project, area/region or corporate is a crucial requirement. The ability to view essential information in a clear, specific format is a must for any company.”

If you are ready to elevate your business and empower your staff with Smartsheet, PPS are here to make it happen. Our complimentary Discovery Call is the perfect way to discuss your business and unique needs with our expert consultants. This allows us to ensure the solution we deliver and the support we provide is right for your business, making every element useful and valuable.

*Source: The Total Economic Impact™ of Smartsheet, January 2022,


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