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Introducing PPS Solution Services - Going the Extra Mile

Updated: Feb 15, 2022


At PPS, making things simple is at the heart of what we do, we strive to support you and your business wherever possible to ensure the best possible experience and effectiveness of your chosen solution, be it Smartsheet, Resource Management (formerly 10,000ft), Microsoft Project Online or Brandfolder. We are therefore delighted to introduce PPS Solution Services. A selection of supplementing services that aim to take your experience working with your chosen platform to new heights of success and uptake within your organisation.

Solution Services are made up of 4 key components: Support, Online Learning, Training and Professional Services. Each has a core aim in supporting your business and the solution you are working with.


Going the extra mile, PPS provide ongoing support not only for the setup and onboarding of your chosen solution in your organisation but also the day-to-day support for the users. From simple enquiries regarding logging in to tailored support for the bespoke needs of the organisation, your Customer Accounts Manager will always be on hand.

“Our Support means our customers have somewhere to turn to receive the help they require. We understand your business, your needs and requirements and am better placed to give you the personal, hands-on help that you need. Our personal touch also means I'll check in with you from time to time just to make sure you're ok and getting the most out of our support.” Emma Bentley, Customer Accounts Manager.


Our innovative online learning platform is the perfect learning tool for users. The self-sufficient platform allows everyone to learn about the Solution Platform your business is using i.e. Smartsheet, Resource Management (formerly 10,000ft), etc. but the learning doesn’t stop there as annual access means users can use the platform as a continuous learning tool, assisting them to solve their own questions and issues.

PPS’ Learning and Development Manager, Robert Kennie, who built our online learning courses describes, “In the past, e-learning for me has been a challenge, it’s always very wordy and not very pleasing to the eye. So, I make sure that with any training, that is conducted via E-learning, is as interactive and engaging as possible.”


Bespoke training sessions for all skill and competency levels, delivered by our in-house qualified training team. Whether you’re brand new to the platform, you’ve had years of experience or perhaps you’ve used similar systems in the past, we work through three tiers, Getting Started, Optimising and Becoming the Expert, which means there is something for all experience and competency levels. If you aren’t sure what level your team sits at, don’t worry, as we always offer a complimentary Knowledge Assessment to understand and pair you with the right course.

Our hands-on approach allows open discussion and questions to ensure we are delivering the training that you and your business needs. Our courses aren’t just generic content but are tailored to teach you how to use the solution within your organisation and working through specific business practices to ensure a seamless internal adoption of the platform.

“When I have been on training sessions in the past, I remember thinking wow this is not personal to my situation at work! Or ‘How am I going to use this in the workplace?’ That is what I wanted to change, to talk to our clients and find out what and how they want to use the platform and then adapt my training to meet their needs and wants from a training intervention. I like to say that I support and guide throughout the training and two-way dialogue is key.” Robert Kennie, Learning and Development Manager.


Working with the PPS Consultancy team to determine the best solution for your organisation. Our consultancy also includes custom builds of connectors and integrations to offer the ideal solution for you.

"Our approach to solution delivery is typically implemented through an Agile fast-track approach to facilitate earlier user adoption, engagement and rapid benefits to the business. Discovery meetings with all stakeholders involved allow us to understand both the high and detailed level of requirements to solve the business pain points." Peter Allanach, Director

Change can be challenging to successfully implement with positive engagement. Part of our primary focus is to help you ensure your people are ready for any new business solution and are properly supported to help with user adoption and maximise early benefits. This includes working with user groups to facilitate ownership of the new solution and to ensure early communication takes place with the intended user base and stakeholders.

Our team of experts are here to help match the right services & support the needs of your business and staff. Our packages offer annual access to support, online learning and training to ensure efficient adoption, growth and development with all the solutions we offer.

Perhaps you are new to working with PPS or you would like to discuss migrating your licences over to PPS to access our incredibly versatile and cost-effective support, online learning and training.


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