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10,000 FT

10,000ft’s simple, powerful design makes it easy to build the best team for the job, keep project schedules and budgets on track, and confidently forecast business needs with real-time reporting. 



An interactive schedule with a drag + drop user-interface that features visual controls and require minimal data entry, making it easy to dynamically resource and forecast in real-time

  • See when people are in / out of the office

  • Know who’s working on what

  • See who’s working on my project

  • Find / filter people based on properties

  • Find available people

  • Pencil in resource plans with placeholders

  • Forecast utilization

  • Resource balancing / allocation heat maps

  • See a directory of team members


  • Execute end-to-end project details and keep campaign assets organized in Smartsheet.

  • In 10,000ft, assign work to team members based on project needs like discipline, skills, office location, or availability.

  • Manage the full lifecycle of your projects in Smartsheet, including contracts and change orders.

  • Allocate people across projects and forecast staffing and hiring needs in 10,000ft.

  • Create project request workflows and outline scope requirements in Smartsheet.

  • Advocate for your team’s capacity and keep utilization rates healthy in 10,000ft.

  • Automate engagement workflows and share progress with clients in Smartsheet.

  • Keep your team’s workload balanced and communicate assignment changes in 10,000ft

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If you have any questions or aren't quite sure which is the best solution for you, get in touch and we will be able to help guide you through your options based on your needs and requirements

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