Smartsheet Tiles

A great new feature has been released recently which is the introduction of Smartsheet Tiles. This is a new view through which you can interact and review your project data. In addition to the Grid View, the Gantt View and the Calendar View you can now visualize your tasks as “Tiles” and “drag and drop” them between differing “swimlines” based on custom fields of your choice.

ST We at PPS have been trialing the use of Smartsheet Tiles on a major event we are  involved in – the planning of a huge camp for circa 900 children and adult  volunteers for a local major Scouting organisation and it has  really helped us focus in on the key important activities as we count  down to the launch.


We anticipate that this view will also be of interest to our existing and future clients who have a need for Agile software development whereby work is added to an overall product backlog and then organised into “Sprints”. Work can then very easily be moved into latter Sprints or brought forward as required.

Please contact us for advise or training on this feature.   See here for additional information

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