What makes for a good plan??

We often come across the view that a plan to help deliver a project successfully simply comprises of the project schedule built using a project management software tool eg MS Project or Smartsheet.   This is not the case.  A project “plan” is not just the schedule of work listed and then ticked off item by item. If this approach is followed in isolation then in the majority of cases it is unlikely to give the project stakeholders the outcomes they are looking for.

An overall plan will contain many things such as a valid ongoing business case, stakeholder management; scope and requirements definition; resource plans (both high level and detailed); risk and issue management; change control; dependency management and many more processes besides.    All of the above activities need to be integrated into an overall project management solution that includes processes, people and technology in order for maximum benefit to be achieved. It is acknowledged that a lot will depend upon which industry the organisation is in and how mature the project management capability already is.

Which pieces of the PM solution puzzle does your organisation have in place?plan2

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